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National Science Olympiad

09 Jan 2023

" Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.

The National Science Olympiad (NSO) is a science competition for students of class 1 to class 12. It is conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) with the aim of identifying and nurturing future scientists, technologists and IT talent at school level .

Our Learners participated in huge numbers and succeeded with good score .

Our achievers are :- 

1.VIRATH  DODMANI : (School Rank Ist  and International Rank 43 ) of Grade VI Qualified for level II

2. VEDANSH PANDEY : (School Rank 2nd  and International Rank 128)  of Grade VI  Qualified for Level II .

3. SHIVANSH TIWARI : (School Rank Ist and International Rank 169) of Grade IX Qualified for Level II in the same category .